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Easter Becker-Smith provides coaching for individuals, groups and corporate teams.  She has 25 years of highly successful business experience and leadership to bring to her expertise as a coach.  Her track record as a valued and highly regarded leader, known for continuously developing her people, demonstrates the capability she brings to her coaching services.  Easter maintains a focus on life coaching as well as coaching for development.  Her years in executive corporate sales gives her complete understanding about what it takes to keep people motivated and moving forward, even in challenging circumstances.  Her executive positions have been held in various retail companies across varying types of products.

Easter Becker-Smith has worked within a variety of organizational contexts. She has managed upwards of 180 plus retail stores across large regions in the USA and has successfully moved her regions through multiple initiatives, such as increasing sales, reducing cost while bringing creative new products to market and always helping her people, co-workers and bosses find the most efficient way to accomplish key strategies and goals. She has interviewed thousands of people throughout her career. She has taken that experience and provides interviewing coaching that helps her clients  “ace the interview.”

Easter completed a Bachelor’s degree from Indiana University.  She is a Certified Co-Active Professional Coach, and a member of International Coach Federation. She is also a member of  Toastmasters International.

Easter always made me open my eyes and view things in different ways. She coached me to better understand and communicate…”
Tammi Vanderark



Linda Rodgers is owner and Principal Consultant in Rodgers Associates, an organization and management consulting firm, in business since 1988.  Rodgers Associates specializes in Organizational Alignment and Capability Development, as well as Executive and Management Coaching.  Her clients include Sabre Corporation, Hewitt Krakow Centre, National Semiconductor, Fairchild Semiconductor, Sun Microsystems, Plumas Sierra Rural Electric Coop, Alameda Municipal Power, Ascend Communications, Inc., Cisco Systems, Novell, Home Savings of America, Clorox, Pacific Bell, Symantec, Merck, and more, including several colleges, universities and community agencies.  We also have international experience with American based companies operating as multinationals in Europe and Asia.

Linda Rodgers has worked within a variety of organizational contexts. Her work reflects experience in major aerospace companies as an internal specialist in management development, organizational effectiveness and career management.  Additionally, she has been a manager in higher education with responsibility for areas such as marketing, counseling, academic and career advising.  Her experience also includes university level instruction in interpersonal communication, career education, and guest lecturing on topics such as leadership development, knowledge management, etc.

Ms. Rodgers is an experienced coach, working with individuals and intact work groups with focus on self awareness, leadership and skill development.  Linda has published articles for professional publications on topics such as knowledge management, employee development, succession planning, and organization development in small businesses and managing remotely.

Her specialties include:

  • Expert interpretation and application of Myers Briggs Type Indicator–used as both self awareness and self management tool; and to inform intact work groups/teams how preferences affect effective problem solving, decision making
  • Highly effective performance enhancement coaching–executives, managers and individual performers in all types of work environments
  • Teaching and applying: Managing Commitments; Listening Intentionally; Being Personally Accountable and Taking Initiative.

Ms. Rodgers holds a BA in Latin American History from the University of California, Berkeley, and an MA in Counseling Psychology from California State Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo.  She served as an adjunct faculty member with the Center for Creative Leadership, with 15 years as a Senior Trainer for their leading edge management simulation program “Leadership In Action: The Looking Glass Experience”.  She customized this program to meet a variety of client needs.  Additionally, Linda has been a guest lecturer at the University of California, Riverside for their International Professional Programs, Extended Education School—lecturing on Change Management and Human Resources.

“I have worked with Linda across three different organizations in Sabre and have found the knowledge and insights gained to be invaluable each time.  I truly believe that I am a better leader due to the work we have done together”
Kirk Farmer
CAO, Sabre





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Kathleen April 22, 2010 at 9:30 am

As I was preparing to interview for my current job with my future boss’ boss, Easter gave me many helpful suggestions for improving my phone interview. Her advice helped me to let my interviewer maintain the responsibility of the conversation, so that I did not try to compensate for silences with chatter. I felt more confident and I had a successful interview. I have successfully used her coaching techniques to help well qualified candidates interview with my peers that have challenging phone etiquette.

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