Executive Coaching

Executive Development and Leadership Coaching

Executive coaching is not just for executives. It is executive development for all managers who want to grow their leadership skills and unleash their potential.

The demands on managers are greater than ever. Companies have cut staff support and training. Each employee is expected to do more, with less consistent feedback.Leaders need a coach who can accelerate their development.

Executive development and leadership coaching is for managers who:

  •  Are in a stressful environment
  •  Must motivate their teams for more consistent performance
  • Have been recently promoted or placed in a new position
  • Have been assigned a new project or new responsibilities
  • Want to reach the next level on the corporate ladder

Leadership coaching focuses on the issues of leading people. It demands your time and energy to deal with conflict, tough conversations, hold people accountable to results, and motivate to improve results.

My coaching keeps you focused on your priorities and guides you to deal with people in a positive, values oriented way. We accomplish this through a creative process that defines you as a strong and respected leader.

I have lived the life of an executive and know the stresses and rewards. When my younger son was eighteen months old I accepted a promotion with a territory from Chicago to the West Coast. I covered half the country, had nine direct reports and nearly a thousand employees under my supervision. I understand the constant stresses of achieving at work and balancing a personal life, while keeping true to yourself.

My career in retail provided me the opportunity to work with some of the best executives I have known. They lead with integrity and their teams respected them and liked them. I also worked with managers who taught me how not to be and how not to lead. I am proud to say I often heard from my employees that I was the best boss they had.

My executive coaching will accelerate your development and your ability to successfully lead people.

Read more about executive coaching from the Harvard Business School.

Are you a leader, a manager, or both? What is “the simple difference between management and leadership“, and what difference does it make?

Executive coaching  can be conducted by phone, by Skype, or in person. In person executive coaching is available for Northwest Indiana, Chicago and Western Michigan residents. Coach Easter Becker-Smith is located in Valparaiso, Indiana.

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