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Interview Coaching

Are you sure you are ready to give the best job interview answers possible? Are you sure you can ace your interviews?

Interviewing for a job is not something you do everyday of your life. It is a skill that must be developed, but it is not easy to practice. You don’t  go to several job interviews,  just to practice how to do it.

Instead, many people go to an interview before they are  fully prepared. They may stumble on their words, or be caught by surprise at some questions and not know what to say. The result usually means not getting hired for the job.

Reading my blogs on interviewing will definitely boost your confidence and give you vital information to be ready for your interviews. You will be even better prepared for your job interviews with my One on One Interview Coaching.  As your personal interview coach, I will help you increase your confidence, improve the way you answer questions, and improve the words you use to answer interview questions.

One on One Coaching can be conducted by phone, by Skype, or in person. In person interviewing for Northwest Indiana, Chicago and Western Michigan. Coach Easter Becker-Smith is located in Valparaiso, Indiana.

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I wanted to let you know that your coaching brought me a confidence that I did not have prior to our sessions.  The preparation and coaching was wonderful. I wouldn’t have been as confident and prepared without it.

The questions that you coached were intuitive of what was asked of me and allowed me to be prepared for all questions.
I don’t know the outcome yet, but you certainly brought me to a new level.”

Dave Piette, Construction Supervisor

I have been a business owner for the past few years and decided to return to the workforce. I went on a couple of interviews and was not getting job offers, or called back for a second interview. I realized I was unsure how to answer a couple of interview questions I was often asked, including my decision to re-enter the corporate world. Easter coached me on how to improve my interview answers and be better prepared for unexpected questions. I was much more confident when I went on my next job                                             interview and this time I was hired! I am excited about my new position
                                and new career. Thanks for your interview coaching, Easter!
                                Deb Hansen–Elder Care Advisor

 “I thought I was prepared for my interview, after all, I interview people in my job every month.  When Easter coached me,  I realized I was not ready to answer even some basic questions. With her help I am much more confident now and ready to ace the interviews.”  (can’t give my name, I don’t want my employer to know I’m job hunting.)

I was referred to Easter Becker-Smith by my brother Charles. What was most helpful was that she made me aware of how to be prepare for an interview.  She coached me on how to answer the different types of real world (questions) and situations.

Her coaching showed me how to feel relaxed and confident.  She made me aware of some of the do’s and don’ts in going through interviewing process.

 I would highly recommend her services. They are worth the time involved. Once again thank you, Easter for all your input/help.
–Gregg Bonilla, Sr.

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Charles Bonilla June 16, 2010 at 8:29 am

The last time I had a “real” interview for a job was many years ago. Since then I obtained subsequent jobs through word-of-mouth and interviews that were often formalities. Currently looking for work and facing the prospect of “real” interviews, I readily acknowledged I needed help.

I learned of Easter Becker-Smith’s interview workshops when I attended a job fair. I signed up, and it went well. I then reinforced the workshop with an additional one-on-one interview coaching session.

In the workshop I learned several new things, and was reminded of a few seemingly minor things that, if not done, could negatively impact my prospects. Additionally, the one-on-one interview coaching session was simply AMAZING. Here’s why:

In one hour I learned, and got to practice, framing my answers in terms of results and specific scenarios that concretely illustrated my abilities (this wasn’t as easy to do as one might think).

The one-on-one coaching session is NOT a “feel-good”, self-help “booster” shot that eventually fades away.

The one-on-one coaching session IS practical, real-world training. I left the session more confident and self-assured because what I learned I can use again and again and again.

I heartily recommend Easter Becker-Smith.

Charles Bonilla
Video Production Manager

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