How to Interview Part 4

by Easter on August 12, 2011

10 Job Search Tips

Learn to Use social media with your job search. Sign up for Linkedin and use it to promote yourself. Recruiters frequently search Linkedin for job candidates.

Become a networking pro. Learn to network comfortably at local events in your area. Be able to network by phone. Learn to use Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter to network and expand your job search efforts.

Prepare more than one resume. Most people look for more than one position. Your resume should reflect the type of job you are applying for. You would not want to send a
resume about all about your training experience, if you are applying for a customer service or sales position.

Be prepared to write cover letters. A basic cover letter is a good to have as a writing foundation. You need to customize it to the job and the person who interviewed you.

Have clothing for 2 consecutive days of interviewing. One set of clothing will not work if you have interviews two days in a row. You at least need two different shirts
or tops.

Be ready to speak about what makes you unique. This means that you really need to know yourself and know what you offer a company.

Prepare questions to ask your interviewer. Don’t ask about pay in the first interview. Do ask questions about the position you are applying for.

Write thank you letters. It a forgotten art to write a thank you letter to anyone for anything. Your interviewer will take notice when you do write a thank you for the

Listen to inspirational quotes or books before an interview or any time when the job search is disappointing or you feel discouraged.

Take time off from your job search, to do something fun. Follow the Stephen Covey rule of, Sharpen the Saw, so you feel up to continuing your job search.

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