I Have to Get a Job, but Should I Job Hunt in December?

by Easter on December 11, 2011

Someone said to me the other day, “I have to get a job,” and then he questioned whether it was worth it to look for a job now, in December. Does anyone ever get hired in December? It is a month when businesses are thinking about next year’s budget and they working on the end of this fiscal year, if their fiscal year matches the calendar year.

Yes, the year end is a busy time for business and yes some people do get hired in December. December is an excellent time of year to job search and here’s the main reason why:

  • Many people drop their job searches in December because they let the holidays get in the way.
  • That means less competition for you, the person who is persistent with your job hunting.

People are often in a better mood at the office around the holidays. The extra food and goodies  brought in add to the holiday spirit. It is a great time to make phone calls and get some connections with  Human Resources people. Pick up the phone and contact  companies you have targeted as places you would want to work.

Don’t let any month or holiday get in the way of your job search. Keep at it. For those of you who wake up saying, “I have to get a job,” get ahead of the crowd and keep looking throughout December.

Here’s a link to search for government jobs. It is the United States Office of Personnel Management website.


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