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by Easter on October 12, 2010

I hear people say that they wish they could just get a job interview. Are you sending resumes and never getting a response? The best interview advice starts with checking to see how you are setting yourself up to get a response from your resumes.

We’ll just look at the internet method of job searching for now. I have recommended as a great job search website, since it is a compilation of thousands of websites, job boards, job listings. Suppose you are a nurse. You would only look for nursing job interviews. So you check out and type in nurse and the location you are looking for.

You will find many job openings for nurses. Let’s say you look at two that you want to apply for today. One posting I found lists this requirement, “Must be emotionally mature and able to function effectively under stress.” Do you have anything like this on your resume? If you do not, then are you going to include a job cover letter? If you have nothing about your emotional maturity on your resume, and you do not want to add that, then you must include a job cover letter. Your job cover letter must state that you handle stress in a very effective and emotionally mature manner.

Did you note how I took the job requirements from the job posting and just changed the order of the words, to convey the same message? If you do not state that you possess the job requirements, using the job posted words in your resume, and then you do not submit a job cover letter, then you might be passed over for the job. You might wonder why you were never contacted for that nursing job interview.

The best interview advice I can give you about how to get an interview is to be sure to use the keywords from the job posting you are responding to in your resume, or cover letter, or both. The advantage to putting the keywords in your resume is that some interviewers do not read cover letters. I know, it’s hard to hear that, but imagine if you received over 100 resumes for one job. What would you focus on? You might look at resumes and skip the cover letter.

Look for those important keywords in the job posting, and add them to your resume or at least your cover letter before you hit the Apply Online button. Go to the next job you want to apply for and do the same thing. You may want to delete the words you just added, and replace them with new words for the next job you are applying for. Sure this takes some more time, but you are much more apt to get a response from your resume. You will get calls or emails to schedule an interview. Isn’t that just what you need?

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