Should I Put My Social Security Number on Job Application?

by Easter on October 6, 2011

A man lost his wallet in a public place. He was lucky. It was found by two honest young middle school girls who immediately turned it in to the business office.

When the employees looked into his wallet to find the identity of the owner, they found the man’s social security card. When the man came to claim his wallet, one employee cautioned him about carrying his social security card in his wallet, explaining how easy it would be for him to be a victim of identity theft. He explained that he was carrying his social security card because he was applying for jobs and needed it with him.

First, take the time to memorize your social security number. Second, don’t put your social security number on a job application. You should not feel obligated to provide that information when applying for a job. It does not matter whether you are applying online or on paper. You don’t know who might have access to your information and you don’t want to have someone use your name, address and social security number as their own identity.

If you are asked to complete a job application that requests your social security number, you can write, “will provide upon hire” or you can write dashes and only the last four numbers of your SS number. Employers should eliminate this question on their job applications.

Employers do not need your social security number until they decide to hire you. When you are hired, you and your employer will complete new hire forms, including an I-9. This form is required to be completed to prove you are authorized to work in the US, no matter whether you are hired as a doorman, or the CEO. At this time, you must bring your social security card or birth certificate for your new employer to examine the documents.

Leave your SS card at home, until you are hired. Lost your social security card or have a name change? Here’s the official US government site for the social security administration.

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