Speaking engagements are designed to fit your needs, including your time-frame and your audience.  Coach Easter presents information in an engaging way that is practical, user-friendly, and will provide the audience with a deeper understanding of the topics discussed.  Attendees will discover valuable tools that can be used immediately to improve efficiency and productivity.

“ Easter presented an engaging presentation on interviewing basics and etiquette. Her presentation was professional and thought-provoking. Easter is an eloquent speaker and a delight to have at our membership meeting.” 
–Jessica Vargas, National Association of Women in Construction-President NWI Chapter

Easter is a truly motivating individual – her analogies, wit, wisdom, and experiences are a breath of fresh air. She brings herself to whatever level in life you are at on the the ladder of life and is right beside you holding your rope.”
–Anglea Cossin, Co-Founder/Not-for-Profit at Business Women Unite

I recently had the pleasure of hearing Easter Becker-Smith speak at a women’s group. As someone who often speaks in front of groups, I appreciated the instant professional presence Easter had. She had every one’s attention as she shared her very positive and motivational message, one that woman in business needs to hear. If you need a speaker to motivate your team, to have them think BIG, to think abundance, I would seek out Easter Becker-Smith.

I often see speakers give an excellent presentation, but there are times when some do not give their complete attention (their loss). That was not the case when Easter speaks – all eyes and ears were on Easter, and some were taking notes (kudos to them!).”
–Florian Steciuch, Reverse Mortgage Specialist/Wells Fargo

Hiring for Success
Ever hire someone and a couple months later wonder, “Who is this guy? This is not the guy we interviewed?” Everyone in charge of hiring has made a mistake along the way. You want to be sure you do not make that same mistake twice. Hiring the wrong person can cost your company thousands of dollars in training, lost clients and lost revenue.

Candidates today are more savvy than ever and many know just what to say in an interview. Learn how to interview effectively and efficiently to find the right candidate for the job.

  •  How to clearly define the person you need to hire
  • How to ask the right questions to reveal the candidate
  • Weed out the professional interviewers from the sincere candidates
  • Know when to trust your gut feeling.

Set Your Goals, Make Them Happen!
Why do so many people and business set goals for the new year, accomplish little and end up setting the same goals the following year? There are ways to set goals that will bring success. In this presentation, you will examine traditional goal setting to see what works, and what fails. You will be introduced to a  new approach to goal setting that is practical and easy to use.  You will be on your way to making your goals happen.

  • Words to avoid when setting goals
  • What gets in the way
  • How to overcome obstacles
  • The right mindset to achieve goals

What Does Coaching Your Employees Really Mean?
Coaching is a popular and overused word. Leaders will say they coached their employees when they really only delivered a lecture. Discover the differences between coaching, teaching, training and lecturing. Learn coaching skills that will bring you greatly improved results and productivity from your employees.

  •  Learn how to coach to uncover obstacles
  • Learn how to coach to motivate for results
  • Keep communication flowing through coaching
  • Know when not to coach

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