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Team Development –
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Successful businesses build a team whose members share the company goals and are passionate about achieving those goals.

Business owners, ask yourself these important questions:

  • Does the statement above describe your team?
  • Do your team members work well together, so that projects are
    completed in a timely manner?
  • Do you accomplish what you intended during your meetings?
  • Do your team members what the positive mindset to be successful?

If you answered, NO to any of the questions above, then you might
describe your team in the following way:

  • Some employees don’t seem to get what we are trying to do here.
    some team members can’t get past their personality conflicts.
  • We talk about the same things every meeting. Nothing gets
  • There’s too much complaining, and not enough getting done.

I have heard the complaints above from both business owners and employees.
It means that the work environment is not as productive, effective and
consistent as it needs to be in today’s competitive marketplace.

How can a company with internal turmoil and poor communications deliver
outstanding service to its customers? It will fail to do so. Survival
today means beating the other guy with better service.

Your team needs to be in top shape so that your company can thrive. I offer the
following leadership coaching:

Save thousands of dollars by hiring the right person the first time.

  • Define the skill-set and the mindset of the person you need to hire.
  • Ask the right questions to reveal the candidate.
  • Weed out the professional interviewers from the sincere candidates.
  • Know when to trust your gut feeling.

Communicate effectively so that you are understood.

  • Create a focused message.
  • Know what form of communication is best.
  • Heighten you listener’s attention.

Conduct effective meetings that are worth everyone’s time.

  • Know when a meeting is needed.
  • Stay on track during meetings.
  • Accomplish meeting objectives.
  • Be an effective meeting facilitator.

Move past blame to resolution.

  • Conduct difficult conversations with confidence.
  • Handle conflict with emotions taking over.
  • Reduce workplace drama.
  • Get the focus back to the goals to achieve.

Contact me at to discuss your company’s needs.
I design affordable coaching programs that are unique and impactful
to your business.

“I have worked with about 30 district managers over my 22 year optometric career and Mrs. Easter Becker-Smith easily stands above all of them because she was the only one who didn’t arrive with pages of orders for everyone. Instead, she would listen to us and work with us to achieve our goals. She treated everyone with respect instead of intimidation. She always thought clearly and she was professional and very easy to talk to.   She is a very empathetic person and that quality, will server her clients well.”

Dr. Richard D. Smith O.D.
Founder of

“While working in a very stressful fast-paced environment, I started doing some one on one coaching sessions with Easter. In these coaching sessions Easter asked many questions.  She did not judge me or make me feel threatened.  I found myself doing most of the talking and she did quite alot of listening. 

I think what made me feel comfortable was that Easter did acknowledge that the problems that I was dealing with were real.  When I made changes that Easter suggested, my job became easier and my co-workers responded in a much more positive way. I liked working with Easter because she liked me, she believed in me and she helped me to improve not only in my job but also in my personal life.  Knowing that you have grown makes you feel good!”

Colleen Poelker

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