What is Job Dissatisfaction?

by Easter on October 7, 2011

What is job dissatisfaction? It is an employee’s response to their job that can range from feelings of apathy, to depression and despair, to anger, frustration and resentment. It all means a desire to quit and move on to something better and many employees are there right now.

Douglas Matthews, president and CEO of Right Management, a division of Manpower reported that their survey showed 84% of employees planned to look for a new job this year. That compares to 60% of employees who planned to search for a new job at the beginning of 2010. The survey sited the primary reasons for job dissatisfaction were due to workload increases and pay stagnation.

It is a mistake to think that employees will hang on because there are not many other job openings available. The job market is beginning to improve. The most self motivated employees, who are usually the best performing ones too, will find their way to another job if they are currently unhappy.

The wake-up call for companies is to not let the current economy distract them from being aware of the demands that are placed on their employees. Managers must take a look at the present workload placed on their associates compared to what was required a year or 18 months ago. If the work required has increased and employee wages were frozen or increases were minimal, then your employees are in the red zone. It is the zone of job dissatisfaction. Corporate leaders have the power to make changes and improvements for their employees, or risk turnover.

Employee turnover always costs a company money, including lost revenue and intrinsic costs. Most companies are currently in their 4th fiscal quarter. Plans and decisions that are being made now for fiscal 2012 need to include measures to improve employee satisfaction, reduce turnover, and increase revenue.


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