Coach Easter offers a variety of motivational, interactive and inspiring workshops. Some of her workshops are listed below.

Easter Becker-Smith is an outstanding interview coach and shares her expertise in her Get Hired! Interviewing Workshop. It is essential to know what interview questions and answers you can expect, and to gain confidence in your interviewing skills, so that you can ace your job interview.  See more details and success stories from people who have attended her informative, fun and interactive workshop.

Coach Easter is your interview coach for training on how to hire. Hiring the wrong person can cost a business thousands of dollars in lost revenue. Hiring the right candidate can contribute thousands of dollars in sales, profits and future growth. Attend Hire the Winning Candidate! Discover how to identify the right person to hire.

See the Lunch with Coach Easter view her series of one hour workshops. Her July topic is Goal Setting, Make it Happen! Attending this will you moving right toward your goal.

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